Can Sneakers be worn with anything?

The answer to your question is Yes, you can!
Sneakers can be worn with anything... from formal skirts and dresses to the more casual jeans, shorts, pants.
It's interesting to note that lately sneakers have been worn by many Brides... or if not Brides, then certainly the bridal party - from Bestmen to Bridesmaids... and has made such interesting fashion statements!!
It's fair to say that sneakers can be worn both as smart and casual. And once you have worn a sneaker with your formal pants it is hard to get into those heels again!
Sneakers are so comfortable the fact that you get to play around with your wardrobe -  matching your stylish sneakers with anything. 
Sneakers went international as early as1924 but the word sneakers was in use since 1887. So it truly is here to stay. But never before have sneakers been accepted as a work shoe or an evening shoe.
Written by charlotte viuff

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