Moccasins NEVER date!

It's a fact...Moccasins are classic!

They can be worn as an accessory to something smart, or casual and.. then it can even just be your everyday casual wear.

You are also spoiled for choice; at My Shoe Shop, we stock moccasins in a wide range of colours, widths and textures. There are the great, easy-to-wear leather moccasins and the soft and comfortable Suede ones.. and just when you think that's all there is on offer, then you can choose from the vibrant colour spectrum of Patent Leather moccasins, with their trendy shiny finish; or perhaps you'd like the Nubuck moccasin or the moccasin with the imprinted leather. 
Most of our moccasins have the classic pebble heel, but we also have wedge-like heel options if you want that extra bit of height.
Moccasins, also known as Loafers, have been around for a long time and will probably never date... it is your typical classic style of footwear.
Moccasins and loafers are worn by both men and women and are highly fashionable. Moccasins' great versatility means that there are an option and colour for every occasion and for every season of the year!
Moccasins and loafers were first worn in 1936 when it was initially made for men. .. a few years later they started designing and producing
Moccasins for women too. Moccasins are one of our bestsellers, and we stock
them all year round. As a service to our international clients or our clients that need to travel we always have both summer and winter colours in stock. 
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Written by charlotte viuff

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