High heels are fashionable, comfortable, and if not picked the right can damage your foot chronically. It may seem stupid to buy something that can hurt your feet, but if you select the right pair of high heels, they are your perfect partner for amazing looks. A right pair of heels can be more than just an accessory, and yet they don't hurt your feet. 

But, why is wearing high heels so amazing?

According to psychologists Paul Morris and his team at the University of Portsmouth in the UK, Women walk differently from men. High heels can help exaggerate feminine aspects of the gait. 

At the same time, male gait involves greater velocity, longer stride, and slower rate. Even the side swing of males and females is different from each other. What high heels do is enhance the female aspect of your strides, making them more attractive and sexy.

MyShoesShop brings the best of high heels and low heels for women from brands like Mago, Sergio Puccino, Bueno, and others. Take an example of Mago’s excellent laser-cut leather low heels series. It is one of the best and comfortable wears for your summer collection. They provide more air to your feet during the summers and yet are designed to be the most attractive footwear. 

Another great brand that you can choose is Buena. It brings the good news of materials like leather, into elemental designs like copper or coconut through sturdy high heels that compliment your attire. These are extremely comfortable and do not damage your feet even if worn all day long. The goodness of natural airflow is embedded in the designs to make it airier for your feet. 

The partywear high heels that you can try without too much bling and yet show off your gorgeous feet makes Buena’s high heel series a must-have in your collections. MyShoesShop brings all these brands with the best prices in the market for your to have carefree shopping. We offer one of the largest high and low heels collections in South Africa at competitive prices.