Woly Shoe Stretch

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Special Mousse to stretch all leathers.

Woly Shoe Stretch Mousse is the perfect product for stretching your leather footwear to achieve a more comfortable fit. The mousse softens the leather so that it can be moulded gradually to the size of your feet. Woly shoe stretch can be sprayed both inside and out of your shoes and wearing them after spraying will help to mould the footwear.

Instructions for use :

First give the spray a good shake. Spray the tight spot and the surrounding area from a distance of 15-20 cm and leave for 10 minutes for the foam to soak in. Then wear the shoe immediately. You need to wear it until the foam dries. The shoe expands with the aid of the foot's warmth. 

After wearing polish the outside of shoe with a soft cloth. If necessary, repeat the treatment.

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